About Us

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Our Road to Success

ers officially opened in 1999 with one small office in Amman Jordan. With three full-time staff and a handful of clients, Top Servers produced small to medium business websites. As the team continued to network and grow, they recognized there was a huge gap in the market for an agency that offered fully customized digital marketing & web design solutions in-house. Through constant training and self-education, the team took on a larger client base and increased project sizes.

Through constant innovation, growth, and strategy, TOP Servers outgrew two offices within three years due to a lack of space. The team has grown from that original three to over twenty today, with offices in both Amman and Albalqa. Many of our first clients from 2002 are still ongoing accounts at Top Servers ...and we're damn proud of it too.

In Canada since 2007

since 2007 we moved to Canada and we start our "bus" here in Mississauga, we design over 30 websites with very new technology and still doing ...

Why Choose TOP Servers?

All of our services are completed in house. Unlike some agencies who outsource critical services like programming halfway across the world, you can feel confident that all of your website needs are being taken care of by highly trained developers right here in our offices.

Results-Driven Project Management

Our clients consider us more of a business partner than a vendor, and we offer advice that goes above and beyond the call of duty to help our clients grow and succeed. Client success is our #1 goal, and we approach every project with this in mind. In fact, we have declined work opportunities in the past because we didn't fully believe in the initiative. That’s how important a strong working relationship is to us.

“TOP Servers” Approach

High pressured sales and hype are just not our things. Top Servers will always offer the highest direction and solid strategies with real results. Our creative team will provide a full-service approach from concept through to execution, plus, we all have great personalities and an awesome sense of humor.